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I have a new project that I’m excited about

I’d like to talk a little about the explosion of podcasts. It seems like everyone has one. Especially celebrities.

It seems like the easiest thing in the world—pick up a microphone and share your thoughts on the Internet.

I remember over ten years ago when podcasting was in its infancy, and it wasn’t very respected. 

It was a niche thing that the average person did. 
Back then there weren’t big names associated with podcasts. I even did podcast interviews way back. It was kind of like an underground way to reach an audience. 

So, it’s interesting to me to see everyone and their brother have a podcast. Unfortunately, this kind of squeezes the little guy out.

People like Dax Shepard, The Obama’s, even Brandi Glanville. They have so many other platforms to express themselves. 

Why then are they podcasting?

Maybe for the same reason that the average person did at first. It’s relatively easy. It takes out much of the middleman like radio. There’s an audience for it.

However, podcasting used to be the radio of the people. Unfortunately, competition from celebrities makes it harder for the people to get their words—and thoughts—out.

So, I’m excited that I’ve joined a cool platform where there’s still room for the average person’s voice.  It is a platform that still has the potential to democratize speech.


I love Swell because there we have content that could be on a podcast that’s married with social media.

I used to listen to a lot of podcasts when it was kind of an underground thing.

But podcasting seems less intimate now. Or celebrities trying to be intimate but instead just crowding out real connections among average people. 

Podcasting used to features voices that share intimate details and groundbreaking sound bites that you don’t get with other communication venues. 

I’m not sure that’s the case now.

The fact that podcasting has gone so mainstream makes it less attractive to me. 

It turns me off to see it as another forum for the elite. 

I guess that’s why I’m enjoying sharing my own ideas on Swell—it reminds me of when podcasting was still the voice of the people. 

Accessible to all. Sharing the average person’s thoughts. 

What do you think? Is podcasting still of value? Or does it’s popularity work against itself? 

And, I’d love you to join me on the Swell platform. I don’t make any money if you do join the platform. But, if you do, let me know at or comment below so I can follow you! I’d love to hear your voice.

This is my latest “swell” that you can check out if you would like.

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