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I am at heart a mommy who writes on the side.

But it took a long time to earn that title.

From the loss of my daughter to SIDS, the ups and downs of step-parenting my now 20 year old, to a long journey of infertility that culminated in my now 5 year old daughter arriving by way of IVF. These experiences are what drives my passion for writing about family.

Another passion of mine is writing about mental health.

As someone who lives with bipolar disorder, I have written about the various challenges that come from living with a mental health challenges. My memoir, “Insanity: A Love Story,” has been referred to in a number of books as a important contribution to the understanding of bipolar disorder.

I am also a former writing professor.

With a PhD in English, with a specific focus on rhetoric and composition, I’ve had experience helping thousands of students improve their writing. I continue this now with many of the writing guides I also publish.

I enjoy supporting writers.

One way I champion other writers is as the editor of Popoff.us. This is publication on Medium about everything pop culture. I was driven to create this platform because of my own interest in writing about pop culture. However, my writing looks at the intersections of pop culture with other topics I like to write about.

Another passion of mine is feminism.

My dissertation was actually on postfeminism and writing instruction. I like to connect feminism to my other interests.

A hallmark of my writing is trying to understand life’s challenges and the ways we better cope with them. Readers of my work often comment on how I encourage others to overcome their own struggles. People also share how they have become better writers themselves by reading my writing tips.

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